Feb 24, 2017

Officer Watts

Watts' Pre-K class recently had Community Helper Day, and all the kids got to dress as their favorite community helper for school.  Watts wanted to be a police officer, and lucky for us, Tucker and Reid were police officers last Halloween, so we borrowed one of their costumes.  Isn't this the cutest little policeman you have ever seen?  

May I see your license and registration, ma'am?

Once we made it to school, Watts had the chance to take a photo with a REAL police officer!
Unfortunately, Officer Watts was only at school for about 15 minutes after this photo was taken.  He was then assaulted by the one bad guy even the badge can't protect you against: the stomach bug.  The poor guy spent the rest of the day convalescing on the bathroom floor.  Even though his police career was short-lived, I am so happy that Watts chose to emulate those who serve and protect others.  I can't wait to see what profession God has in store for my little man when he grows up.  Watts is truly a little protector when it comes to his family, and that's just one of the wonderful traits God has infused into his personality.  We love you, Watts!  

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