Nov 15, 2015

Corinne's First Birthday, Part 2

The day after her party Corinne did have a few gifts to open...

This dress was exquisite...and seeing it reminds me that we still need to schedule birthday photos...

Once everything was checked and packed properly (turns out two year olds aren't the most efficient at making sure one of each item ends up in each box...who knew?), we had a grand total of 29 (mostly overflowing) boxes to donate to Operation Christmas Child!
We made our labels online so that we can track where our boxes end up.  When I find out, I'll blog it! Update: the box destination post is up!  Check it out here.

We divided the boxes and took half to Stella's class for drop off and half to Cille's.  During a special chapel service at school, the girls and their friends got to take the boxes down to the altar.
Thanks to every one who helped us bless others for Corinne's birthday!

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