Oct 15, 2014

Cille and Watts: School Pictures

Fall pictures at school were taken using a proof system.  The theory was that the photographer would take 2 poses of your child, send home the samples, and you could choose the photo you liked best and place your order accordingly.  Worked great for Cille.  She had two pretty pictures that we were able to choose from and this is the one we went with for her official 4 year old class pic...
If this picture looks familiar, it's because Stella rocked this same sweet cupcake dress for her 3 year old class picture at St. Timothy's.  Even the pose was the same! 
Watts did not fair as well for his 2 year old class picture.  Apparently, he was so reluctant to have his photo taken that the photographer was only able to get one shot, and as you can see below, Watts was NOT happy about it...
To compare Watts's 2 year old picture with Stella's, click here.  Interested in how he looks compared to Cille at 2?  Click here.  Want to compare Stella at 4 with Cille at 4?  Click here.  

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