Dec 29, 2009

You simply MUST go!

There's a new hot spot in LaPlace, and it's truly scrumptious! Our good friend Ms. Chung Cutno opened her shop on Belle Terre today, Chung's Heavenly Sweets. We have been watching Ms. Chung prepare for the past few weeks, so we couldn't wait to go and sample her goodies. We were so early, in fact, that we had the privilege of being her very first customers! The shop looks and smells terrific, and no wonder, with gorgeous gingerbread palaces like this one for decoration!
Daddy, Stella, and Ms. Chung posed for a grand opening photo...
The shop is complete with a cozy sitting area and lots of cute tables where you can enjoy your treats. Since there were some breakable items whose durability Daddy was not comfortable letting Stella test, we got our sweets to go. As Stella would say, they were yummy to our tummies!

We are actually heading back to Ms. Chung's for lunch between 11:30 and 2:00. Korean barbeque sandwiches are on the menu today. We hope we see you there!


Emily Raney said...

Yay! I'm so happy to see that the shop is finally open. I've been watching the progress as I drive down Belle Terre. Jace and I will have to stop in soon for some tasty treats.

Unknown said...

SO CUTE!!!! We are so going when we come down for another slumber party!!!!!!!!!!!!!