Aug 7, 2009


I am super late in posting these pictures, but the first weekend in August we went to Dubberly for our last chance summertime visit with Grandpa Crane and Grandma Tonie. While we were there, we had the chance to meet up for a Mexican-themed farewell to Tabitha with 4/5 of the Wilson family. In a few days Tab is heading off to Finlandia University ( in northern Michigan, less than 90 miles south of Canada, if you can believe that. I am already shopping online for warm socks to put in her care packages. She's gonna freeze! In this picture, Tab is mesmerizing Stella with her bubble blowing abilities, as Spencer looks on... Stella and Nana enjoying some pips (chips) together, while Zach enjoys his favorite activity: texting...
Stella having some lap time with Zach. Does he not have the most beautiful head of hair you have ever seen?
I love this face...
Once we were back at Grandpa's, Stella decided she would help him out by cooking a few things...she also helped him out by spreading her crumbs all over his house.
Damon also completed his first "real" triathlon while we were in North Louisiana, the River Cities Triathlon. There are no pictures of that because spandex was worn and we try to keep that off the internet. He had a rough swim, but I was very proud of him for being brave enough to try it. I was too chicken.

School started back yesterday, so our summer of fun is finally over. I am overwhelmed when I think back over all the wonderful memories we made this summer. We were able to spend so much time with family and friends, we were blessed with safe and easy travel, we had a great time exploring the world together, and I cannot wait until next summer to do it all again!

The start of a new school year is bittersweet for me. I know that I will miss being able to spend all my time with Stella, but it is also exciting and rewarding to meet my new students and imagine all the ways that we will learn and grow together over the coming year. Thank-you, Jesus, for blessing me with my own child and for giving me the opportunity to be your hands and feet as I work with the children of others.


Grandma Tonie said...

Awwhahahaha spandex----that just cracks me up!! Thank you so much for not posting any pictures of the spandex wearing. Spandex makes me think of Coach Hicks and that is just gross!!!!

Such a happy and sad time--the beginning of school and the end of summer. But just think what we have to look forward to--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Stella being two. I can not wait. God is so good!!

Unknown said...

You are so right!!! God has given us the greatest job in the world!! I am so proud of you for loving your school kids and for being the greatest mom ever. Love you all!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

So sorry I am late seeing blog only showed the last post as the Lost Diaries. I am so glad I checked your blog!
So sorry summer break is over! Boo! :-(
I am glad you enjoy getting to know new students though...that is definitely something to look forward to as well as seeing your old students from last year.