May 14, 2021

End of Year Awards

Covid guidelines changed the way awards ceremonies looked for the end of the year, but we were all so thankful to have an in-person ceremony, that I don't think anyone minded at all!  Cille was nominated for the Brother Bob Scholarship.  Brother Bob Anderson was the founder of Parkview Baptist School and students nominated for this scholarship are chosen because they exhibit the qualities that he wanted to see in a model Parkview student, so we were super proud of our little bug...
Watts was also nominated for the scholarship in the elementary division, and he was in the Top 10 Accelerated Readers in 2nd grade!  Way to go, Watts! 

Mrs. Bergie sent me this selfie from their end of the year bowling field trip together...

Poor Stella had dance and had to miss her class's awards ceremony, but apparently her teachers think that she might have a pretty solid chance of being president someday.  Great job, kids!  That's the way to live that championship agenda!  

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