Sep 26, 2019

Dinner with Grandpa

"A rolling stone gathers no moss."  Grandpa Crane has definitely gathered absolutely no moss in his life; he's always on the go!  My entire life, my grandpa has popped in at random times just to check in.  When I was a kid he would sometimes show up at 7 in the morning with a box of donuts; during the college years he and my grandma might pull up to campus and tell me to "Hop in, we're going to get pie." Even in his 80's he still sometimes calls me to say that he's outside a grocery store in Baton Rouge, come meet him for lunch.  What a gift our time together is!  I am so glad I get to share it with my kids these days...
We love you, Grandpa, and we always look forward to your surprise visits!  

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