May 17, 2018

Awards Day Chapel

Ah, awards day chapel, that time of year when every parent waits with anxiety to see if they will receive an email invitation.  Yes, our kids' school is so big and the church sanctuary where they have chapel is so small that they give you a heads up before the ceremony if your kiddo will be receiving an honor in order to make sure there's enough space to accommodate all the parents.  The problem is, they don't tell you what award your child might be receiving, or even which child it is.  Since we have two in the elementary division, receiving one email caused us to have a pretty serious talk with the girls on the way to school about being happy for your sibling even if you did not get an award, being humble if you did, etc.  
But all that worry was for nothing because both girls were awarded Eagle of the Year by their teachers!  You could have knocked us over with a feather.  We were shocked.  As a matter of fact, after Stella got her award, I told Cille that she definitely would not get anything because she got Eagle of the Year last year, so they must have just sent us the invitation for Stella.  Then she won, too!
We could not be more proud of our little Eagles.  There are lots of moments in parenting when you feel like you are doing it wrong and your kids will probably need a lifetime of therapy to get over you, so it is nice to have a few moments when someone other than you who has spent time getting to know your child recognizes something special in them and celebrates it.  Our prayer is that these two continue to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.  We are so thankful for the nurturing family atmosphere of their school which facilitates that kind of growth.

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