Apr 9, 2017

The Flying Bunny

One weekend when Stella and Damon were feeling a bit under the weather, I decided to take advantage of the three younger kids already being spiffed up for church and visit The Royal Standard for some live bunny Easter photos.  The kids patiently waited in line for their turn, working on crafts and trying to resist the snacks in order to keep their clothing pristine until after the photo.  When it was our turn, the photographer carefully posed the kids and gently placed a sweet little bunny onto Corinne's lap in preparation for the photo.  Then the bunny moved...and ALL HECK BROKE LOOSE! I think Corinne did not realize the bunnies were, in fact, alive, so she was SUPER alarmed when it moved.  She responded by placing a choke-hold on the bunny's neck and flinging it across the room as hard as she could, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs.  It was not the greatest moment in Pourciau-dom.  I thought surely the rabbit would be dead, and Corinne would hence-forth be known as the Baton Rouge Bunny Slayer, but luckily, rabbits are pretty resilient, and it survived her treachery.  It took me a couple of minutes to get her to calm down and quit crying.  Eventually I offered her a fake egg to hold and we took this precious photo...
This photo will always bring a smile to my face as I remember that tiny bunny flying through the air.  Apparently Corinne takes after me in the "not really an animal person" department.

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