Mar 26, 2014

Stella's Birthday Breakfast

Following our big weekend of birthday party festivities we had a couple of days to rest before it was Stella's actual birthDAY.  On Wednesday morning she enjoyed a Pourciau family tradition...birthday breakfast in bed!  She was super excited!  
I started the birthday breakfast tradition way back in 1999 when I celebrated Damon's birthday with him for the first time.  Back then we lived in dorms and I did not have a kitchen or access to his bed since our school was a little strict.  Our first birthday breakfast was McDonald's in the Tudor Hall lobby.  Since then we haven't missed celebrating birthdays together first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, Damon was ill on Stella's birthday and had been evacuated to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house in order to protect the rest of us from his strep throat germs.  Thank goodness for FaceTime which allowed Daddy to attend birthday breakfast from miles away...
More birthday fun to come!

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