Mar 5, 2014

Gift Card Shopping

Sometimes life gets a little hectic for us, and it takes a while to get around to tasks.  That is what happened around Christmas when the kids received gift cards from Uncle Henry, Aunt Kay, and Grandpa Crane.  I tucked the cards away, added gift card shopping to our to do list, and waited for the time to be right.  It took us until Mardi Gras break, but we finally got around to that gift card shopping spree.  The girls loved picking out their goodies!  Here is Cille with the items that she chose: 
And here is Stella with the things she selected:
And here is Watts trying to help himself to some of the items that Stella selected:
Watts is a little young to choose his own toys, so we chose for him.  One day he'll love this game.  He also got some new sippie cups, but they didn't make it into the picture...
It was a great lesson for the girls to choose items under their price limit and really think about what they wanted.  They have been having a blast playing with all their new toys, and it has been really nice for them to have a few toys that they can play with together with little adult supervision...
Thanks, Uncle Henry, Aunt Kay, and Grandpa for the generous gifts!

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