Apr 9, 2012

Cille's First Haircut

We came back from our fun trip to the beach just in time for Daddy, Stella, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, and Mawmaw Shirley to make it to The Lion King at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre.  Since Cille is still a little too young to sit through a full-length Broadway musical, she and I set out for the Children's Hair Palace in Kenner for her first trip to the beauty salon...  
 Unfortunately, since we were alone, I was only able to take before and after pictures and don't have any from the actual haircut itself.  She was a little nervous when the lady first started, but she calmed down quickly and actually seemed to be enjoying the experience there towards the end...
 Before...(never been touched with scissors...she was strong like Samson!)
 And after (putting on her reward "lipstick!"  Isn't she cute?
If you would like to relive Stella's first haircut, also at the Children's Hair Palace, click here.  

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