Nov 2, 2011

Tripp or Treat!

Tripp and Aunt Sarah came back for another sleepover on Saturday night.  Grandma Tonie really enjoyed seeing her little man again and they had a fun night together...
Isn't he precious?
You will notice that Tripp is secure enough in his masculinity to use one of Cille's pink blankets and not be a bit embarrassed...
Sunday after church I talked his mommy into letting me take some Halloween pictures of Tripp in his costume!  He was super excited! See?

Tripp and Mommy!

Sarah says he doesn't like my flash but does this look like the face of a boy who doesn't like his Aunt Scarlett to take his picture?  I think not!

I LOVE baby toes!

Sweet sugar from Mommy's little candy corn!

Tripp was a very good boy for his photo shoot.  He dressed as a little monster, but he is really a little angel!

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