Sep 16, 2011

Goin' Fishin' - for real this time!

After seeing how much Stella enjoyed "fishing" during TS Lee, we contacted our resident fishing expert, Uncle Ryan, to arrange for Stella to actually catch a real fish. Uncle Ryan went with Daddy and helped to carefully select all the right things for Stella to have a special experience catching her first fish.

The entire experience exceeded all of our expectations and Stella wound up catching 4 fish over the course of the 20 minute outing! Unfortunately, we weren't able to capture many of her exploits on video, but trust us, there was never a dull moment. Stella was very curious about the crickets and could easily have just played with them if the fish weren't biting.

A big thanks to Uncle Ryan for being so patient and showing Stella such a great time. I'm sure his boys will be doing this as soon as they can hold their heads up.

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Zack and Sarah said...

The mothering side of me is starting to wake up...WHERE is here lifejacket?? Hmmm?