Feb 15, 2011

Superbowl Party

The Safley family was kind (and brave) enough to offer up their home as a place for our Sunday school class to watch the Superbowl. Here are Talia, Cille, and the menfolk enjoying the big game...
The ladies enjoying the great company and yummy food...(good job, Katie!)
The kiddos enjoying the baby jail, I mean, playroom...
This was going to be such a cute picture if it was in focus...(I accidentally left all the good cameras in Erwinville, so most of the photos you will see over the next few posts are all from my phone)
I guess Cille was cheering on the Packers with that bib.  Can that kid pick 'em, or what?
Thanks for your hospitality, Safleys! It was a great time of fun and fellowship.

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