Aug 5, 2010

Now where did I put those shorts?

Have you ever taken something out in order to use it, then gotten sidetracked and lost whatever it was you were planning on using?  Over the past few months, I had been blaming my forgetfulness on pregnancy, and then sleep deprivation, but I think I may have finally identified the real problem.  Today I took out an outfit for Stella to wear and put it in the living room in hopes that I could hunt her down and talk her into putting on something other than pajamas.  After several detours, I finally went back to retrieve the outfit, only to find that I had a shirt but no shorts.  I figured I must have forgotten to get the shorts out, or dropped them on the way, or something like that, but after going back to the drawer and looking all around, I still could not find those shorts.  That is when something purple caught my eye underneath Stella's horsey.  It seems someone else had taken those shorts and put them on...

I guess the next time I lose something I'll have to check all the StellaRaynePourciaus in the house and see if one of them has what I'm looking for. (For those of you who have not been around lately, ALL of our baby dolls are now named Stella Rayne Pourciau, and it is pronounced in rapid succession so that it sounds like one name.)

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