May 29, 2010

What's your problem?

Last night Stella and I followed our normal bath time routine. We entered the bathroom together. She refused to take off her clothes. I eventually convinced her to undress. She refused to get into the bathtub. I eventually persuaded her to test the water, I think by telling her that she needed to get into the bathtub to be safe from crocodiles. Not my proudest moment in parenting, but hey, sometimes you do what works. Next, Stella played for about 30 minutes, during which she narrated all of her activities. This child could talk the ear off a mule. Finally we washed her hair and wrestled, or as I like to call it, washed her body. Now that I was exhausted from our match, I let out the water in hopes that she would get cold and want to get out of the bathtub. Oh, foolish, foolish parent. After 5 minutes of looking for fish in her now empty bathtub, I became a little more aggressive with my pleas for her to rejoin me on dry land. She looked up at me very seriously and asked, "What's your problem?"

I had no ready reply.


Marylou said...

Wait- I was crying laughing at this :) I think Stella and Tristyn are going to be too much alike. We already have these moments minus the full sentence structure. Every night we "wrestle" to brush our teeth!

Emily Raney said...

HAHA!! Prior to having a kid of my very own, I would have read this and thought "oh that's funny" and moved on. Now that I have Cohen I can totally relate! I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe!

Just this evening I told Cohen that we needed to rinse the shampoo out of his hair and he was not happy about the bubbles leaving the top of his head, so he laid out on his belly in the bathtub and spun around in cirlces until I finally poured enough water over his head to get out most of the shampoo. I'm pretty sure that if you rewet that hair it would still be all soapy. At least he smells nice, for now.

I chose to save our wrestling matches for when we MUST put on pants and shoes. I always said "oh I'll never let my child out of the house without pants and shoes" now I don't care. He ran around our front yard this afternoon with no pants or shoes and he was so happy.

Thanks for the laugh!